Ian Freake, CPA, CA

Ian Freake

Ian has the professional experience that has come from starting his career in a large national firm. Motivated to provide a different level of service, he started his own firm. Ian works closely with business owners and individuals, from small family-run businesses to multi-million dollar corporations — and everything in between.

Ian focuses on business management and strategic growth through tax planning strategies. Ian’s experience in advising business owners on growth, management and succession through effective tax planning, helps clients build, grow and protect their livelihood and meet their specific goals.

Tracey Lawrence, CPA

Tracey Lawrence

At the age of 12, Tracey joined the firm, licking stamps and sorting slips. After graduation and experience in a national firm, she came back to work with Ian in 2007.

Tracey has a passion for working with local clients to develop strategies that are right for their unique needs. Tracey recognizes the importance of a strong relationship between clients, staff, and advisors, and her experience with new business start-up, accounting systems, and tax planning benefit our clients and their families.


Ian, Tracey, and the staff of IFTL Chartered Professional Accountants work as a team. No matter your situation, someone is always familiar with you, your business, and your goals.

In addition to the regular services we provide to our clients, we are a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) training office. We have students at various stages of CPA designation. These individuals have graduated university and are pursuing a CPA designation. We are also a Co-op approved training office in Atlantic Canada. We take a number of students every year from leading business universities and give them a four month opportunity to work in a fast-paced accounting office, dealing with clients and staff.



We have been in the industry for decades and have provided solutions for many individuals and businesses.


Because we understand business and family life, we respect our clients’ time and needs. We value your trust and work to exceed your expectations.


You can count on us to be there when you need us. Our dedicated partners and staff are trained, motivated individuals who care about you and your situation.

Passionate about accounting or a career with a CPA firm? We hire designated individuals, either those that are already CPAs looking to transition from another firm or students who are looking to enter the CPA field. We also look to hire those who are not designated but have an interest in accounting, from an administrative standpoint or having client contact. Send your CV and a cover letter to admin@iftl.ca today!


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