Ian Freake started this business from the ground up in 1994. It was just him in his basement. At the time, he was a part-time professor at Acadia to help pay the bills as the accounting practice grew to become profitable. Ian expanded the business to the point of having its first part-time employee, albeit through tax season only. Eventually, the practice outgrew Ian’s home. The client base was significant enough to merit moving his business to its first commercial location in New Minas. Then, at one point, he bought a practice which doubled the client base and allowed him to enter a market that he would not have likely been brought into otherwise: the agricultural side.

Ian and business partner, Tracey Lawrence, almost immediately developed a real appreciation for the agricultural side of the practice: dealing with hardworking individuals, and families who passed down their business through multiple generations. As a consequence, we have grown our practice, located just a hundred metres or so from the location of our very first office.

IFTL meeting room



We have been in the industry for decades and have provided solutions for many individuals and businesses.


Because we understand business and family life, we respect our clients’ time and needs. We value your trust and work to exceed your expectations.


You can count on us to be there when you need us. Our dedicated partners and staff are trained, motivated individuals who care about you and your situation.


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