What We Do


To whom do you turn to ask the tough business questions?

Are you charging enough for your products or services? Can you afford that new piece of equipment? Is this the year you should build a new barn? Do you have the cash flow to retire in five years?

Our clients turn to us, because we bring honest, clear answers to their questions. We help them guide their business forward. We offer a range of services designed for the business owner, because we are business owners too. From full-scale bookkeeping assistance, to tax advisory, business planning, corporate, personal and trust return preparation we have you covered.

tax planning

Personal and Corporate Tax Planning


From determining the amount of an RRSP contribution to make, to whether you should be drawing dividends or salary, we focus on so much more than the preparation of your returns. Our clients have regular meetings, and communications with our staff and partners to provide up to date, valuable tax planning for their situation. Tax rules are always changing and we work to ensure your actions are best suited to save you taxes, and plan for the future. Our relationship with local financial institutions and advisors brings experience and valuable resources to you and your business.

Succession Planning


Many of our clients are multi-generational family run businesses. The foundations of family run businesses are strong in our area, and transition and succession planning is one of our core areas of practice. We work with our clients to understand their long term plan, and ensure their business transitions smoothly whether it is to a younger generation, an employee, or an outside purchaser. Our firm is experienced in reorganization and succession planning and we will assist you in every step of the process so you can focus on your business.

Accounting Assistance

Accounting Assistance


Preparation of monthly bookkeeping, HST, and payroll preparation, development of accounting systems (whether manual or electronic), communications with the Canada Revenue Agency, and the preparation of corporate returns and financial statements, are just some of the ways in which we work with — and for — you, so you spend your time where it is needed most.

How We Do It




Our firm has developed a business minded focus, we look at your business like it is our business. We ask the questions to help you achieve personal and financial success, from evaluating your pricing models, to deciding to purchase a new piece of equipment, we are there for our clients in every decision they make. Our staff — from the front desk through the partners — are engaged, entrepreneurial, and client-focused. We are passionate about our work and your business. This sets us apart from some others who may not look at your business like it is their own; we understand the risks of being self-employed, and we help you to seize opportunities.

IFTL client team approach

Team Approach


We structure our firm to work with you as a team. You are not assigned one partner or staff member, as we are all here to work with you. Ian and Tracey are joint partners, and since both are familiar with each client they are each here to help. We benefit from combining our complementary skill sets and bringing different points of view to our client situations. You will not be dealing with only one person, and we will take care to ensure you will be teamed up with at least one staff member with pertinent experience in your particular situation. We will take very good care of you!